Why Charlee James Believes in Happily Ever After

Writing has always been my passion, but my first career was a wedding planner. It was fun, and stressful, joyous and maddening all at the same time. My favorite part of every event was opening the doors to the ballroom as the wedding couple was announced. The elation on their faces would give me a dose of pure joy.

Each couple I worked with had a unique love story. Whether they met online or at the corner coffee shop, or if it was a first marriage or a third, their tales were romantic and inspiring. Some had crossed oceans and continents to be with their special someone, overcome deep family feuds, and blended cultural differences into a beautiful and bold exchange of vows. Each had been brave enough to take a chance at happily ever after.

My favorite love story though is my parents who have been married for over thirty-five years and still every morning my dad tells my mom she’s beautiful in some variation (my favorite is ‘you look wild’). My mother, a teacher, would walk through town on her way home and my father, a firefighter, would run outside to water the flowers so he could say hello to her. This continued on for months until they finally went on their first date.

Early on in their courtship, my dad agreed to go skiing with my mother. He’d never put on a pair of skis in his life, let alone go down a mountain in them. The date ended with my father whizzing right through the fence at the bottom of the trial (needless to say, my mom caught on that his skiing skills were slightly horrifying). Isn’t it crazy the things we’ll do in those early stages of a relationship?

When my husband and I first started dating, I immediately professed my obsession with dogs. I just love them from the tip of their wet noses to their happy, butt wiggling tails. To get into my good graces, he said he also enjoyed dogs, even though he’s afraid of them after being bitten as a child. My poor husband is now destined for a life filled with canines.

Everyone makes sacrifices for love and sometimes the biggest leaps of faith bring us to the most magical destinations. In my debut release, The Bookworm and The Beast both characters overcome significant obstacles to build a strong future together. I hope you enjoy reading this story, as much as I enjoyed writing it and my wish is that you’ll take away one key thing: Happily Every Afters do exist!

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