Love Always Wins

In the year 2018, It’s difficult to believe that a Supreme Court has sided with a baker who wouldn’t serve a gay couple. How are we still having this conversation? Where is the outrage for equality? 

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. The very definition of this word was violated when this couple, who should be celebrating the most momentous time of their lives, was denied the same opportunity as a straight couple. 

When I think of romance, of love, I think of a union. Synergy with another’s soul that resonates so profoundly, you pledge to give them the very best of you, while supporting them at their very worst. I’ve always believed you fall in love with a person, not a gender. 

What a travesty, in 2018, that a Supreme Court ruled against this couple, spreading the unacceptable message that people can pick and choose who they can and cannot respect and serve. Religion should never be an excuse for intolerance. When we lose our compassion, we lose our humanity. 

To the couple who was denied service: I’m so sorry this was your experience. Your memories of choosing a wedding cake should be recalled with joy. Never, never by being made to feel ashamed of who you are as individuals, and as a couple. 

To the State of Colorado, I’m disappointed. During Pride Month, a time of celebration and activism, you’ve chosen to stand in the way of progress-the progress of humanity. 

But, love always wins.


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