What’s on my reading list right now

I love to write, but I also LOVE to read. It’s the best escape and by far one
of my favorite hobbies. Before the major responsibilities of adulthood, I could
whip through books within a matter of days. Now, it seems to take me ages to read
a novel. There are so many new releases I can’t wait to get my hands on. Here are
the top four reads I can’t wait to get lost in:

1. Origin by Dan Brown
I’ve read every book by this author, and I always anticipate
his new releases. My favorite is Deception Point, but I also
find the adventures of Harvard professor Robert Langdon
incredibly interesting. There are so many masterful twists
and turns that leave you really thinking.

2. Deck The Halls – A Darling, VT Christmas Novella by
Donna Alward

I enjoyed everything about the Darling, VT series. There’s
something about this author’s writing that makes everyday
situations so magical and romantic. I also love how her
characters are so real. My favorite from this series was
Someone to Love. Single dad and firefighter Ethan
Gallagher, his two adorable sons, and business owner
Willow Dunaway create an amazing cast. There was one
character though, which peaked my interest in every novel, a
homeless Veteran named George who is just getting back on
his feet. I was thrilled when it was announced he was
coming back with his own story.

3. Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin
This one’s a vampire novel written by the author of the
wildly famous Game of Thrones series and Tuf Voyaging a
must-read sci-fi about space traveler, mushroom aficionado,
and cat lover Haviland Tuf. Really, how does someone get
so talented?

4. Year One by Nora Roberts
I’m currently in the process of reading this saga, and like
everything else Nora writes, it’s fantastic. It follows an end-
of-the- world-as- we-know- it storyline with a combination of
thrill, horror, romance, and magic.

Happy reading!
With Love,

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