The Bookworm and the Beast

T is for: Twinkling Christmas Lights set the stage for holiday romance
H is for: He stepped into the light, and the reason she was standing on the doorstep was zapped from her mind.
E is for: Enchanting snowfalls and wrapping paper flurries

B is for: Books are the way to librarian Izzy’s heart
O is for: Ornaments are a special part of many holiday traditions! Derek has bittersweet childhood memories of a pickle ornament that would lead him to his final gift
O is for: Oh, he wanted her, this swan who thought herself an ugly duckling
K is for: Kisses stolen by a crackling fireplace
W is for: Will Izzy’s sweet spirit and a little Christmas magic thaw Derek’s frozen heart?
O is for: Oh, Christmas Tree! Sparks fly under balsam-scented branches
R is for: Rare beauty is found soul deep
M is for: Merry and bright meets bah humbug when Izzy shows up on Derek’s doorstep

A is for: Atticus, a St. Bernard that is Derek’s loyal companion
N is for: Never fear the roses
D is for: Determined. Izzy will make it her mission to get Derek to enjoy the holidays

T is for: Tender moments help Derek begin to trust Izzy
H is for: Heroic. Izzy has a quiet strength that comes out in full force in times of danger
E is for: Ever after exists

B is for: Baking holiday treats
E is for: Everyone deserves a chance at true love
A is for: Amazing things happen when you begin to believe in yourself
S is for: Snowballs flying and laughter ringing
T is for: Tale of overcoming emotional barriers to find what your heart has been missing.

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