2017 was quite a year for me. There were some great things that happened, like
signing my first book contract with Tule Publishing, followed by a second with
Entangled Publishing. I’m beyond excited to be working with the talented
professionals at both of these publishing houses. I completed my second year of
being coached by the lovely and brilliant romance author Donna Alward who has
opened so many doors and taught me so much about the industry and myself.
I published my first book, The Bookworm and The Beast, and have met some
wonderful readers and fellow authors.
There were some sad things, too, and some really tough experiences, but I’m
entering the New Year with renewed hope.
I typically never set a resolution, but this year, it’s to give myself a break,
remember what I’ve accomplished both personally and professionally, and just
take a mental siesta from the critic inside my head.
I hope you’ll do the same, and remember that you are enough, just exactly as you

Warm wishes for a bright and happy New Year,
With love,

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