Sworn to Protect

She’s his brother’s nurse. Totally off limits. And everything he never knew he needed. 

The Navy was the escape Neo “Ransom” Godfrey needed from his cold, elitist upbringing. As a SEAL, he lives to eliminate threats and protect innocent lives. But, a people person, he is not. 

Then he discovers his estranged mother has died, and he has a sibling he knows nothing about. He’s committed to caring for his brother, who requires medical care due to cerebral palsy—he just doesn’t know where to start. 

So, when he meets his brother’s long-time nurse with striking blue eyes and a protective streak a mile wide, he’d gladly fall to his knees and beg her to return to his base in Virginia Beach. 

He quickly falls for his brother’s smile and deep-belly laugh, but falling for the gorgeous, nurturing nurse was never part of the plan. 

She’s off-limits in every way. And the only woman he’s ever wanted. 

When danger from her past catches up to her, Ransom vows to his brother that he and his team will bring her home.

Releasing 3/12/24

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