Seduction at the Stargrass


Get ready to castaway to Carris Retreats, New England’s finest seaside resorts, where the luxurious settings are the ideal backdrop for sunkissed days and sultry nights. Many have fallen in love among the picturesque backdrops of rocky coasts and churning whitecaps. Welcome to The Stargrass of Martha’s Vineyard, The Bayberry of Nantucket, and Hobblebush Estate of Kennebunkport, Maine.

Single father Zale Carris has built his life around The Stargrass Resort on Martha's Vineyard. He thrives on being in control of everything and everyone, so he and his daughter are never hurt and never abandoned the way they were when the mother of his child walked away. When the largest hotel chain in the world knocks at his door, he has no problem turning them down. Even the gorgeous and business-focused heiress Gemma Dalton won't sway his decision. They initially clash, going toe-to-toe over everything. She challenges his iron will with a personality that matches his own.

Hotel heiress Gemma Dalton is on a quest to prove she's the right choice for COO of her family's empire. The promotion hinges on her ability to purchase three unsurpassed resorts in New England. She's earned her good name through hard work and grit, and nothing will distract her from jumpstarting the most remarkable resorts in the world-not even the bronze god who capably manages both the Stargrass and fatherhood. He's overconfident, a control freak, and a bit overbearing, but around his daughter, he's the ultimate protector and a nurturing family man.

Will a steamy island fling sate their desires or only fan the flames between them? Zale is a match for her in every aspect, but if she bends and accepts the pleasure he's offering, will it snuff out her chance to prove her significance to her family?

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